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FEINGOLD – New Accepted Items

We are pleased to announce we have added two more delicious jams to our Feingold Association’s accepted diet plan.

What is FEINGOLD Program ?

Feingold Accepted Products

It is an elimination diet that helps you find out if certain foods or artificial additives are triggering the problems you are seeing.

If you see positive results once you have gotten rid of those chemicals then you simply continue to eat the foods you enjoy that are free of them.  Happily, there is a huge selection of brand name foods of all kinds, including snacks, desserts, drinks, convenience foods and mixes that are acceptable.

New Items at Jill's Jams and Jellies
New Items

Rhubarb Jam

We’ve been offering Rhubarb Jelly for quite a few years now and have had repeated request for Rhubarb Jam. I know some of our customers will think “FINALLY” HA! HA! So, this one is for you.

Mamey Jam

When I first saw this fruit at the farmers market I was puzzled. I had never heard of it before. But, as always I love to taste new fruits and vegetables. I love new flavors. And most of all, I love the challenge of creating new jams and jellies with new fruits.

The texture of the jam is similar to Pumpkin Butter and Sweet Potato Butter. The taste is similar to both and a bit of cantaloupe and honey.

Both Rhubarb Jam and Mamey Jam are Feingold Stage 1 accepted.

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