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Looking Ahead

As I have worked from my home for the last 22 years, I’ve grown accustomed to “social distancing”. Most of my days are spent alone in my kitchen creating yummy combinations of flavors which I then preserve in jars to be eaten at a later date.

Although, after this many days of quarantine even an introvert like myself begins to feel the pressure of isolation.

I miss my kids and grandkids! But, I realize they are one of the reasons I stay home.

As I look out the windows of my home I see the leaves of the trees beginning to bud, my jonquils are blooming and I hear the birds calling to each other at my feeders.

Spring has arrived! Spring is the time of hope and new beginnings. So, I choose to be grateful for my own good health and that of my family and look to the future.

For me, that means seedlings!

I have planted my in-door seedlings and am spending quite alot of time looking through catalogs and on line stores for different varieties of fruits and vegetables to try.

Oh my, I’ve never seen so many different types of peppers!!

This time too shall pass. Soon our lives will return to normal.

Until such time I am going to look forward.

My garden is going to be amazing.

And what delicious food I will be able to create.

Stay safe and well everyone. We are all in this together!

#lookahead #staypositive